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Fairfield’s trusted tiling service

You’re creating the bathroom of your dreams and now all that’s left is the tiles. But with so many tile options (and tilers) out there, how can you make sure that you get the best quality?

When it comes to tile installation, you want to go with the experts. Citi Tiling Group has been in the business for years now, helping our clients choose the best tiles and installing them flawlessly. We assist with commercial and residential tiling projects in Fairfield and the rest of the Melbourne suburbs, ensuring that you receive the best quality service.

Our Fairfield tilers are up-to-date with the latest styles and will be able to help you choose what tiles best complement your bathroom’s design. We take into account your personal preferences and budget to deliver a final product that you’ll fall in love with.

We can provide all sorts of tile types for your project: ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble tiles, granite and stone tiles, and more.

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Bathroom floor tiles Fairfield

Tiling is really the only option for a bathroom floor in Fairfield, with the right tile design adding a touch of sleek sophistication. We have a range of tiles to suit any style, design, or budget.

For bathroom floors that see a lot of use and foot traffic, it is highly recommended that you use porcelain tile or other strong tiles. Depending on the space you have and your specific needs, we can help you find a tile that works for you and that will enhance the space.

We offer quality waterproofing for your floor tiles to ensure that it meets the standards outlined in the Building Code of Australia and ensure that your tiles are laid and grouted correctly. Not every tile floor is installed the same way – the size and thickness of the tile, as well as the surface it is being applied to, will affect how it is laid. Each tiler on our team has the expertise to approach any type of tile you choose and make sure it is properly installed to last.

We’ve taken on countless tiling jobs, meaning we know exactly how to provide our clients with the great service you deserve.

Get in touch with our team now to find out more about our bathroom floor tiles!

Bathroom floor tiles Fairfield
Bathroom tiling Fairfield

Bathroom wall tiles Fairfield

Looking for a simple way to add a high-quality finish to your walls? Tiles can be a great solution! Durable and easy to clean, this is a way to lower your maintenance requirements and create something beautiful.

Both practical in terms of waterproofing wet areas and creating an elegant aesthetic, tiling your wall can be a great way to make small bathrooms look spacious. By blending the boundary between the wall/floor and tiling to the ceiling, you can create a sense of openness, especially if you use lighter coloured tiles for both surfaces. The wall tiling is typically done before the floor tiling, as this keeps the floor cleaner.

If you don’t want to use the same tiles (or similarly coloured tiles) for your walls and floors, we can instead use a contrasting colour to create interest, or a dark coloured floor and light coloured wall tiles to create the illusion of space.

Get in touch with our team now to find out more about our bathroom wall tiles!

Building better bathrooms

Whether you’re building a bathroom from scratch or you’re giving the space a well-deserved update, we can help. As a full-service bathroom builder, we can ensure that your new space is designed and executed to perfection.

We can install wall and floor tiles, shower bases, waterproofing and caulking, and more. As expert tilers, we can also add mosaic tiling to your design for a stunning focal point or cut your tiles to create a unique pattern. Ceramic, porcelain, stone – we work with a range of materials to give you the best results.

If you’re after a professional tiling service in Fairfield, Citi Tiling will be able to deliver the excellent quality work you deserve. We assist with a range of residential and commercial renovations.

Looking for someone to help with renovating your Fairfield bathrooms? Call 0423 451 122 now!

Why go with our Fairfield tiling services?

Choosing a Fairfield tiler for your bathroom renovation project can be difficult. With so many people out there claiming to be the best, how can you know what to think?

When you work with us, you get:

  • Fully insured tilers committed to the job
  • Reliable waterproofing to ensure that your tiles last
  • Complete bathroom renovation service
  • The best tiles and grout
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

We also offer tiles for laundry and kitchen areas, as well as a range of other areas in the home. If you are doing a new home build or full home renovation, this means that we can offer a consistent look to your space and a better price for your projects.

Want to see why so many Fairfield residents love our tiling work? Get in touch with our team now for your free quote!

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Looking for tiling services to help with your bathroom in Fairfield, VIC? Feel free to give us a call at 0423 451 122 or send an email to info@cititilinggroup.com.au.

Our normal trading hours are 7.00 am – 6.00 pm from Monday to Saturday. For Fairfield clients with busier schedules during the week, we offer appointments on Sundays – simply call and speak to our tiler team now!

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Tilers Fairfield

Hello to all our mates in Fairfield! You have been a fantastic example when we speak about cross-cultural inclusion in the whole of Australia. And hence, many migrants and non-islanders prefer to dwell in Fairfield. Keeping this in mind, we at Citi Tiling, Melbourne, are glad to re-introduce our services here in Fairfield!

Over the last decade, there have been many new constructions and renovations in Fairfield, and our expert Tiler in Fairfield has been an integral part of these changes! Be it renovation of an existing home or designing a new house, our expert team of Tiler in Fairfield are here to add to the house’s aesthetic.

Our Services:

Our team of Tiler in Fairfield ensures that your house gets the best protection from the hot summer and the cool winter. And to do this, we provide the best tiling services that cater to the artistic and the practical requirements of not just the dweller but of nature as well.

Kitchen Tilers:

We are sure you would agree that a Kitchen is the topmost used room in a house and it also is the messiest one!

Our expert Tiler in Fairfield ensure you get the best of both worlds, that is, beauty and practicality for your Kitchen, and hence they provide options like:

  • Contemporary tiles
  • Colourful tiles
  • Sophisticated tiles
  • Muted tiles
  • Modern pattern tiles

So if you see, we have options that would suit people with different likings and budgets!

Bathroom Tilers:

The frequently used room in a house should be a bathroom, especially if you have kids who love splashing water! And hey, that’s fine, we Aussies love water. Though splashing water around is ok, the view we get in the bathroom must be worth spending hours there and safe!

Our expert Tiler in Fairfield fulfil these requirements by providing services like:

  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Shower base
  • Waterproofing and caulking for wet areas

Swimming Pool Tilers:

We need not repeat what we said above! Water = Love!
And as a result, we are the top pool Tiler in Fairfield.

Our Tiler in Fairfield have the best options for you to create the pool of your dreams, and those are:

  • Ceramic pool tiles
  • Glass pool tiles

Our team ensures that your pool is not just good looking but safe to use as well.

Mosaic Tilers:

We cannot emphasise enough how beautiful Mosaic tiles are! The addition of these unique designs adds charm to any house. By giving a focal point to the bathroom or kitchen walls or the flooring in your entertainment area, mosaic tiles uplift the place’s vibes.

Our expert Tiler in Fairfield team helps you select, design, and install the mosaic tiles to give you the perfect smooth installation. And believe us when we say you can click the Instagram worthy pictures in your own house!
Since these tiles come in various designs, textures, and colours, our expert Tiler in Fairfield will help you select the ideal one according to your requirement. And we suggest you leave it to us for the installation since it is a messy job with glass shards flying around.

We are sure looking at our project images and our efforts, you are willing to contact us. So do not wait any further. Call us now and understand the process and the various options available for your beautiful home!

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