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Ceramic Tile Installation & Repairs Melbourne

Revamp And Regrout Tiles With Ceramic Repairs Melbourne

Unfortunately, ceramic tiles can become damaged over time and damaged tiles can really impact the overall look and feel of a room. If you have missing or chipped tiles, contact Citi Tiling Group to get the problem fixed up. We can help with restoration on:

  • Cracked Tiles
  • Chipped Tiles
  • Loose Tiles
  • Discoloured and Damaged Tiles

Our team can carry out tile repairs to the highest standard, repairing your tiles to their original condition. We’ll clean and regrout the tile surface to complete the restoration with ceramic repairs Melbourne.

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    Ceramic Tiles

    Repairing damaged tiles

    When we visit, we will bring all the equipment we need to repair damaged tiles or to effectively remove and replace damaged tiles. We use safe, high-quality adhesives, grouts and sealants to help bring ceramic tile surfaces back to their former glory. We’ll use any spare tiles that you have, or, if you have the pieces, some broken ceramic tiles can be glued back together before being secured into place with effective ceramic repairs in Melbourne.

    We can also supply tiles from our extensive range to match as closely as possible or help you source a particular tile you might be after.

    Expert Ceramics Repairs Melbourne

    Repairing broken tiles requires particular skills and experience. It’s not worth trying to repair tiles yourself as you could easily make the problem worse. Specialist tools and adhesives can be expensive to buy and tricky to use. Getting organised to repair tiles yourself would probably end up just as expensive as calling in our professional tilers.

    Our tilers work with patience and precision to get your tiles looking as they should.

    Ceramic tile repairs Melbourne service

    We can repair ceramic tiles indoors, in kitchens, bathrooms and or living areas, as well as outdoors on balconies, patios, pools and spas. We can fix up damage on:

    • Walls
    • Floors
    • Stairs
    • Swimming Pools
    • Public Art and Tiled Art works
    • Walkways
    • Outdoor Buildings, Sheds and Garages
    Ceramic Repairs Melbourne
    Ceramic Repairs Service Melbourne

    Quality Service on Difficult Restorations

    We provide professional tile installation Melbourne services with restoration. Many tiled areas have features that need to be considered, such as curves or drainage holes. with our attention to detail, we can work around any difficult areas. we work for customers in residential and commercial settings; restaurants, cafes and hotels.

    For more info or an obligation free discussion about how to fix up your tiling problem. Our business is located in Melbourne and we will come to you right across the metropolitan area.