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Mosaic Tiling Melbourne – Custom Glass Mosaic Tilers

Mosaic Tiling Melbourne

Mosaic tiles have been used to create detailed and beautiful floor and wall coverings since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The art form flourished during the Byzantium era and stunning pieces adorn the walls of galleries around the world. Cities like Barcelona and Seattle get their distinctive appeal through the use of mosaics in public spaces. And now,with the help of Citi Tiling Group, you can enjoy mosaic tiles in Melbourne!

We provide mosaic wall and floor tiles to homes and businesses right through Victoria!

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    Mosaic Tiling Melbourne

    Select Mosaic Tiling in Melbourne for Modern Look

    With proper installation, mosaic tiles look brilliant and can be customised to suit old and new environments. We have an extensive range of mosaic wall tiles, featuring a huge variety of patterns, colour and textures. Some Currently Popular Styles Offer by Mosaic Tilers in Melbourne:

    • Calming, neutral tones from our contemporary collection
    • Rustic, rich colours with natural beauty
    • Modern metallic tiles including gold, silver and copper tiles
    • Bold primary tiles which provide a high degree of contrasting colour
      Mediterranean blue tiles

    If you would like to learn more about our range, or need some help choosing the right product for your room, please get in touch! Contact our friendly and experienced team at Citi Tiling Group, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

    How to Use Mosaic Tiles at Home

    There are so many options for mosaic tiles. Using a small amount of contrast pieces can add a focal point in a larger, more traditional tiled areas. Bring some drama, fun, or just a hint of unexpected colour with stylish mosaic tiles at home.

    Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

    Effective back splashes can be created with mosaic tiles, to add interest to your kitchen or entertaining space. Tiles in the kitchen are both practical and attractive. They will add value and longevity to your home.

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    Mosaic Tile

    Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

    Boring bathrooms can be brought to life with dazzling glass mosaic tiles. Mosaic can be used on walls or floors to treat all of the surfaces or to create a focal point with a decorative border or trim. When considering options for mosaics in the bathroom, think about the overall sense of scale you wish to achieve. Larger tiles will create an illusion of more space, while the use of a smaller tile will close in the space and make the room feel smaller.

    Mosaic Floor Tiles Melbourne

    Modern manufacturing methods also mean that these tiles can be used safely on the floor. Mosaic floor tiles look amazing in shower and wet areas. If you decide to use mosaics on the floor at home, we recommend you select an anti-slip tile.

    Another popular use for glass mosaic tiles is in pools and spas, creating unique outdoor recreation and communal areas. We have completed some very ornate and detailed mosaics projects in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

    How Do Mosaic Tilers Melbourne Install?

    If you do opt for a mosaic feature at home, make sure you let our experts carry out the installation so you are left with a tidy and perfect finish. Mosaic tiles need to be cut to suit the design and area and there is quite a knack required for cutting tiles to size. It is also a hazardous job as glass and ceramic shards can go flying. Our team members are experienced in safe and precision mosaic tile cutting.

    Need mosaic tiles in Melbourne Let us help you with the design, ordering and installation of your mosaic masterpiece.

    Mosaic Floor Tiles Melbourne