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Tiling, levelling and waterproofing, which is exceptional quality, trustworthy and efficient
We offer complete tiling and grouting services for all inside and outside areas. We're specialists in all tiles installing all styles, shapes and sized tiles.
We're fully qualified and licenced waterproofers abiding by all Victorian building and renovating regulations.
Specialising in screeding to correctly even an area to lay well-levelled tiles. Screeding sand and cement foundations of floors, shower bases and outside areas too.
We'll help organise and plan your renovations to save you time and money too.
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We commit to providing reliable, durable and superior quality of work with each tiling project.

Tiling is a popular choice in all areas of Australian homes from the lounge, bathroom, bedroom and often the whole house. Our tiling specialties include full home tiling, custom tiling, feature walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Which means we can complete the perfect tiling project which is suited to your home.

Fully qualified
Fully licenced
Quality guaranteed


The first step in your new tile project.

If you need old tiles removed to make way for new ones Citiwest Tiling Group are experienced in extraction of all styles of tiles and adhesives. We also use all up-to-date tools and techniques and remove your old tiles with a tidy approach and a straightforward process.

Fully licenced
Minimal dust created
Timely execution


We pride ourselves on offering beautifully laid tiles completed in a timely and flawless way.

Citiwest Tiling Group are experts in laying tiles which will stand the test of time. And we’re experienced in tiles of all styles, shapes, sizes, types for all surfaces inside and outside too. We pride ourselves in excellent service, which means we’ll complete your project within your budget and requirements.

Fully qualified and licensed
Confident and reliable service
Expert quality


It's crucial to protect surfaces from water damage, and nothing can destroy like leaking water can. You could face many problems such as mould, bacteria and erosion. Waterproofing is imperative in protecting your surfaces from any water damage. The team at Citiwest Tiling Group are fully qualified and licenced waterproofers abiding by all Australian and Victorian building and renovating regulations.
Fully qualified and licenced
Abides by all regulations
Top-quality tools and machinery


Citiwest Tiling Group are masters in screeding which is the process of setting a sand and cement mixture to a floor surface before laying tiles or any final floor layer. If a new floor gets laid without a perfectly level surface, it can cause all sorts of problems later on. Such as uneven floors and buckling or damaged tiles.

Fully qualified and licensed
Sand and cement screeding
Most up-to-date tools and equipment


As flooring experts, we also specialise in sealing which ensures the longevity of grout is enhanced, and your tiles are extra protected. At Citiwest Tiling Group, we use premium grade sealers. Offering qualities from protecting your tiles through to shielding your grout as well as sealers to enhance and provide a stylish glossy look to your tiles.

Fully qualified and licensed
Top grade sealers
Expert service