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Bathroom Waterproofing Melbourne – Bathroom Leak Repair, Bathroom Walls & Floors

Bathroom Waterproofing Melbourne

A little leak in the bathroom can cause a lot of problems. A leaking bathroom can cause water damage to the floors and bathroom walls in the wet areas of your house. If left untreated, the leaking bathroom can cause damage to internal walls and other areas of your home.

With our quality sealant products, we can make these vulnerable surfaces completely water-resistant. When you notice there is a problem, waterproofing is often a much cheaper solution than installing all new tiles.

We know how to handle the assessment and repair of a leaking bathroom, with extensive experience in conducting complete waterproofing services in Melbourne.

bathroom waterproofing Melbourne
Bathroom Waterproofing Melbourne

How to Tell if You Have a Leaking Bathroom

Bathroom leaks can cause damage to tiles in the bathroom and on the floors. But how can you tell if your leaky bathroom is causing serious problems? Some of the symptoms you might notice include:

  • Loose tiles
  • Cracked tiles in the bathroom area
  • Swollen skirting boards around the house
  • Grout that appears damaged
  • Paint peeling from the walls in the rooms around the bathroom
  • Paint peeling from the ceiling in rooms below a bathroom
  • A moudly smell around the bathrooms

If you’ve seen any of these symptoms- it’s probably time to waterproof your bathroom. Don’t delay. Contact Citi Tiling Group for a free quote today!

Bathroom waterproofing services

We’ve been in the business a long time and are one of the few licensed waterproofers in the Melbourne metro area. We offer:

  • Friendly staff who will explain your options clearly
  • Availability for Saturday appointments
  • Competitive prices
  • A complete obligation free quote
  • Services that meet the Australian standards
  • Installation by approved applicators

If you need waterproofing services in Melbourne- let us help you!

We’re committed to carrying out your bathroom leak repairs and waterproofing to a high standard, and at the lowest price possible. Waterproofing your wet areas is an effective way to add to the life of your bathroom and materials, without the expense of a complete remodelling

Bathroom Waterproofing Service Melbourne
Membrane Waterproofing Melbourne

Bathroom Waterproofing- How is it Done?

We carry out bathroom waterproofing by:

  • Assessing the condition of existing grout and silicone
  • Conducing any shower regrouting that is required
  • Applying a clear hybrid polyurethane sealant liquid to make sure the surfaces are waterproof
  • Cleaning up the area and ensuring all surfaces have the correct membrane to protect from future contact with water

The waterproofing compound that we use meets Australian standard and is approved for use in home bathrooms.

Bathroom Waterproofing- How Does it Work?

Tiles and surfaces in the bathroom are exposed to water during their constant use. The waterproofing compound that we use is absorbed deep into grout and porous tiles to protect them from moisture. When applied correctly by our team, the compound also penetrates deep into any hairline cracks. This can help prevent any weak areas from becoming exposed.

We use the safest, best materials to carry out the highest quality bathroom waterproofing in Melbourne. Get rid of leaks without having to get rid of all of the existing tiles, furniture and fittings.

Waterproofing Services For Insurance Claims

If you need to make a claim related to damage caused by leaking balconies or leaking bathrooms, we can carry out a full assessment and provide you with a detailed report about the nature of the damage. You can rely on us to give you an accurate picture of the nature and cause of the damage before we get on with repairs and waterproofing wet areas service, to completely restore your bathroom.

Complete bathroom waterproofing in Melbourne can be done quickly, cheaply and with our commitment to quality. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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