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Balcony Waterproofing Melbourne

Picture it now: icy temperatures and wind driven rain pummelling down all night long. If you’ve lived in Melbourne for any length of time, you’ll know that we get a lot of rain. Your balcony is one area of outdoor living space that can bear the brunt of those rainy Victorian winters. If your balcony doesn’t have adequate waterproofing, it can really cause problems. Ponding water can collect and form dangerous puddles. Water leaks can seep through the exterior walls and into the walls of your home.

Leaking balconies are dangerous. We do waterproofing treatment on balconies.

Apartment Buildings and Balcony Damage

Another thing we have a lot of in Melbourne is apartment blocks and complexes. We sure do love our apartments with their individual balconies and rooftop terraces. That’s why leaking balconies are a surprisingly common problem here. We often get called to work on leaks in big apartment blocks and find water vapour trapped in the multi-level structures.

Like any area exposed to the elements, balconies need regular monitoring and maintenance. Problems on balconies can be caused by:

  • Use of inadequate waterproofing products
  • More general building defects
  • Poor balcony design and planning
  • Lack of water exit points and rainwater outlets
  • Irregular building maintenance
  • Structural expansion and natural building movement

We are frequently contacted by landlords to fix leaking balconies that are damp and dangerous for tenants.


Buying an Apartment with a Balcony

We’ve also helped plenty of new homeowners who have run into problems with their balconies. The quality of the waterproof membrane on the balcony should be assessed as part of a building surveyor’s inspection process. But we know that this doesn’t always happen. And if you’ve just bought your first home, and it’s an apartment with a balcony, it probably hasn’t occurred to you that there could be a problem out there. If there is no mention of the state of the balcony service in your building report, it’s worth calling out one of our professional team members to assess the surface and safety of your balcony- and see if it needs waterproofing treatment.

balcony waterproofing melbourne
balcony waterproofing melbourne

How to tell if You Have a Leaking Balcony

It’s worth regularly inspecting the surface and borders of your balcony. Some of the problems to look out for include:

  • Grout that is flaky or cracked
  • Missing grout
  • Existing tiles seem loose
  • Signs of water stains underneath the balcony
  • Difficulty opening the doors to the balcony
  • Flaky paint on the doors or walls
  • Structural joints that appear weakened
  • Damage to the balcony balustrade

As soon as you see any of these symptoms, give us a call so we can check your balcony is safe and secure, and carry out our simple long life waterproofing service.

Balcony Repairs

It would be nice to think that exterior surfaces are built to last and won’t degrade over time. unfortunately, that’s not the case. Whatever type of tiles or material your balcony is made of, if it is constantly exposed to wet weather, it can start to become damaged and dangerous. Poor waterproofing practices on exposed balconies have meant that many a Melbourne balcony have needed total replacement. Don’t let water exposure and leaking cause structural damage.

Leaking Balcony Problems

Having to remove damaged tiles or balcony surfaces can be very expensive. Leaks can also cause problems between neighbours, or between landlords and tenants. Don’t let a little leak become a big problem. It could lead to costly repairs, reduced property value, and a risk to your safety.
We only use the proper waterproofing membranes and products, that can withstand considerable water leaks, structural movement, and offer excellent longevity for your beautiful balcony space.

balcony repair melbourne

Balcony Waterproofing Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re a building owner, a tenant, a landlord, we can provide you with fast and friendly service to repair your leaky balcony. We’ll get the job done with minimal disruption to your or your tenant’s day.

We offer:

  • Qualified, experienced and friendly customer service staff
  • Registered building practitioners to assess the nature of your balcony leaks
  • A quick response time
  • A complete obligation free quote
  • A quick and easy installation process
  • Services that meet the Australian standards
  • New waterproof membrane installed correctly on your balcony

If you need balcony waterproofing services in Melbourne-you can count on us!

What is The Waterproofing Method Used?

We use a high quality waterproofing membrane that is applied directly to the balcony surface. It’s like super strength liquid rubber. Waterproofing products can fix leaks quickly and simply. They are safe for use in the home and have crack spanning capabilities that mean weak spots can be protected.

Balcony Waterproofing- How is it Done?

If you need balcony waterproofing done, you’ll need to call upon our expert team to apply the waterproofing membrane. Our first step will be to assess the degree of degradation and damage that has occurred. The next step is the application of the seamless membrane waterproofing treatment that provides a cohesive waterproof treatment to the balcony.