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Balcony Waterproofing Melbourne – Terrace, Balcony & Deck Leak Repair Services

Balcony Waterproofing Melbourne

Picture it now: icy temperatures and wind driven rain pummelling down all night long. If you’ve lived in Melbourne for any length of time, you’ll know that we get a lot of rain. Your balcony is one area of outdoor living space that can bear the brunt of those rainy Victorian winters. If your balcony doesn’t have adequate waterproofing, it can really cause problems. Ponding water can collect and form dangerous puddles. Water leaks can seep through the exterior walls and into the walls of your home.

Leaking balconies are dangerous. We do waterproofing treatment on balconies.

Apartment Buildings and Balcony Damage

Another thing we have a lot of in Melbourne is apartment blocks and complexes. We sure do love our apartments with their individual balconies and rooftop terraces. That’s why leaking balconies are a surprisingly common problem here. We often get called to work on leaks in big apartment blocks and find water vapour trapped in the multi-level structures.

Like any area exposed to the elements, balconies need regular monitoring and maintenance. Problems on balconies can be caused by:

  • Use of inadequate waterproofing products
  • More general building defects
  • Poor balcony design and planning
  • Lack of water exit points and rainwater outlets
  • Irregular building maintenance
  • Structural expansion and natural building movement

We are frequently contacted by landlords to fix leaking balconies that are damp and dangerous for tenants.

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    What is The Waterproofing Method Used?

    We use a high quality waterproofing membrane that is applied directly to the balcony surface. It’s like super strength liquid rubber. Waterproofing products can fix leaks quickly and simply. They are safe for use in the home and have crack spanning capabilities that mean weak spots can be protected.

    Balcony Waterproofing- How is it Done?

    If you need balcony waterproofing done, you’ll need to call upon our expert team to apply the waterproofing membrane. Our first step will be to assess the degree of degradation and damage that has occurred. The next step is the application of the seamless membrane waterproofing treatment that provides a cohesive waterproof treatment to the balcony.