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Floor Tilers Melbourne

We’re all about transforming spaces – and creating unique, distinctive flooring that leaves a lasting impression. We bring our commitment to proper planning and precisional installation to all of the floor tiling jobs we do. You can trust us, one of the best floor tilers in Melbourne to create interesting, attractive, and contemporary flooring as part of our perfect tiling solution.

Why Choose Us?

We are amongst the most experienced floor tilers Melbourne, operating in both the residential and commercial sectors. Many of our tilers are trained flooring specialists- they know all about the specific tiling processes that need to occur for tiles that are going to be walked on, day in and day out. Our tiling professionals:

  • Have extensive industry experience
  • Can do residential and commercial floor tile projects
  • Are committed to doing an excellent job
  • Complete work on time and on budget
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Are friendly, efficient and fast working

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    Floor Tile Removal Melbourne

    Floor Tiling Services

    We always work from a detailed installation plan and use the highest quality materials like the grouts, glues and adhesives that are used to secure and set your floor tiles. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish, providing you with plenty of information about the best tiles for you to use, and providing tiling quotes and designs. We carry out all steps in the floor tiling process and will complete every element of the job to leave your home freshly tiled.

    We’ll work quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption while the works occur.

    Renovations & Floor Tiling

    There are special considerations that need to be taken into account when you are doing renovations. If you’re dreaming of a designer bathroom, it might entail a complete renovation process. Understanding how you will use your new bathroom can help you ensure you get the best tiles for the job. Certain materials work better in wet areas, and all of the tiles you choose will need to be treated with waterproofing substances. While anti-slip tiles used to be boring, there is an increasing number of options out there for tiling that look colourful and contemporary.

    Floor Tiling Melbourne
    Floor Tile Service Melbourne

    Choosing Floor Tiles

    One of the most fun parts of any tiling job is picking your tiles. As you look online for inspiration, it is worth considering the:

    • Overall look and feel of your home
    • Signature style, era of the home
    • Size of the room
    • Furniture in the room
    • Light availability in the room
    • Design of existing tiles
    • Top Tiling in Melbourne

    What Material to Use

    There are plenty of options in terms of tiles that can be used on the floors. The first choice is if you want natural or man-made materials. Natural materials have a unique appearance and distinctive character, but tend to become damaged more easily. Man-made materials come in a huge range of options and are often more affordable.

    • Marble is a beautiful, elegant choice that often does well in bathrooms
    • Limestone comes in neutral colours and create a fresh feeling for the bathroom
    • Slate comes in darker colours and has an appealing natural texture
    • Ceramic tiles come in a huge range of prints and patterns and help you
    • create a unique look and feel on the floor
    • Terracotta tiles look great but need special care
    • Porcelain tiles often create a vintage look for the floor
    • Cement tiles can be used but will need extensive waterproofing
    • Quartz tiles combine many materials into one shiny surface and are popular in contemporary settings
    • Glass tiles look incredible but scratch and break easily
    Floor Tile Removal Service Melbourne
    Tile Removal Melbourne

    Installing Floor Tiles Removal Melbourne

    If you’re putting in new tile flooring, leave it to the expert floor tilers Melbourne at Citi Tiling Group. There are so many pitfalls and traps if you are not experienced in installation. Perfect planning and a steady hand are also required. We begin your tiling job with a detailed design for what is required. Our floor tiles removal Melbourne ensures that we minimize any waste.

    We can cut tiles of any material to ensure we get a perfect finish that is tidy and appealing to the eye. Rest assured that when we do your tiling flooring, you will be left with perfectly placed and aligned tiles that have a superior quality finish.

    Melbourne Superior Tiling

    We provide are leaders in the tiling industry and deliver expert tiling services in the metro Melbourne area and surrounding suburbs. We do:

    • Residential tiling
    • Commercial tiling
    • Commercial projects
    • Kitchen tiling
    • Wall and floor tiling
    • Outdoor tiling
    Floor Tile
    Tile Removal Melbourne

    Tile Care and Support

    Once your indoor tiling services are complete, we can also give you advice on how to maintain and take care of your new tiles and tile grouting. Different types of tiles will have different cleaning and care processes, so will talk through all of this with you.

    We offer high quality and competitively priced services like floor tiles removal Melbourne services and tiling solutions for floors. Contact Citi Tiling Group, tiling and flooring specialists, so we can help you design your dream tiling jobs.