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When it comes to creating something new, you need a solid base. For the best results for your tiling, screeding by a professional with expert training, tools and experience is absolutely needed.

Citi Tiling Group has a team of tiling titans, ready to provide quality floor screeding across Melbourne. We know that the start of any tiling project is a properly-installed screed, and ensure that our surface is perfectly primed for your new tiles.

We pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship and service. A job is only done if it is done right — that’s why we are committed to prompt and professional screeding that will last and lay the foundations for a stunning tile design.

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What is screeding?

Screeding is an essential part of the tiling process, making sure that the surface is flat before laying down the tiles for the best finish.

We screed both internal and external areas: internal floors, kitchens, bathrooms, shower floor, and patio and outdoor tiling — the list goes on! Wherever you need screed, we can make sure that the surface is even and properly prepared.

As a leading Melbourne tiling company, our team has years of experience in floor screeding and can ensure that your tiling job will look good and last.

Our services

  • Internal and external floor screeding
  • Sand and cement screeding
  • Screeding for bathroom and shower base

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Our process

Our experienced screeding team uses sand and cement screeding to form the base for your tiles. We use the latest tools and techniques to get the smoothest surface possible for your screed.

We ensure that the screed mix is just right before measuring the depth needed and carefully applying the screed, smoothing and compacting it to eliminate any voids or uneven areas.

Our screeding process is easy and efficient, meaning we can get on to the tiling faster!


Tiling Melbourne trusts

When it comes to tiling, Melbourne clients know that Citi Tiling Group will exceed all their tiling needs.

For both new home constructions or renovations, it is important to make sure that screeds are applied effectively for a quality finish and long-lasting results. Whether it’s the bathroom floor, shower floor, or any other tiling, you need a stable and smooth surface to take your tiles to the next level.

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